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What Is Agritecture?

Reasons Why Urban Gardening Is A Good Idea


Toof Top Gardens are capable not only in creating solutions but also in educating through the conduction of workshops. To promote and explore the concepts and purpose of agritecture, we can provide any entity with the necessary materials. We can plan, organize, and facilitate the entire workshop from beginning to end.

How to Pick Up Leaves With Lawn Mower- (Simple Methods)

Autumn is a beautiful season- until you have fallen leaves marring your perfect lawn. Moreover, they can suffocate your grass if left unattended for too long. One efficient method for leaf removal during fall cleanup is using a lawn mower. Not only does it clear your lawn, but it also mulches the leaves. So, in the long run, it provides beneficial nutrients to your soil.
Now, the question of the century is: How can you pick up leaves with a …

Requirements for an Outdoor Water Softener Installation

It is perfectly acceptable, and in some cases even preferable, to install a water softener outside. Due to the units’ size, the noise during regeneration, and the general lack of aesthetic appeal, hiding a water softener in a garage or other concealed exterior place is the first choice for many people who don’t have room in their loft, basement, storage or utility room, or crawlspace. That being said, there are some important considerations to take into account before going ahead with an outdoor installation.
Your unit needs to be fitted in close proximity to a power source, as it needs electricity to operate the …

What Does Fall Cleanup Service Include?

Fall cleanup is something you can’t avoid if you have a yard. In September and October trees in Alberta are losing their leaves creating a beautiful carpet of yellow, brown, and red leaves on the ground. Depending on your area and if you have any large trees nearby you might have a lot of leaves in your yard or not much, but either way, you still need to have a Fall Yard Cleanup before the winter sets in.
Cleaning Up the Yard
While it can be a lot of fun to enjoy the fall landscape and to play in the leaf piles with your kids or pets, we also need to clean up …

The Ultimate Guide to Rooftop Garden Stair Lights

It’s critical to keep your rooftop garden well-lit at night. Using step lights as a guide ensures that you and your guests don’t fall over the staircase.
Whether you want a bohemian atmosphere with plenty of lights or an ultra-modern lighting system with eco-friendly light bulbs, knowing how to select and install the correct solar step lights will benefit you in many ways.
Here’s a simple guide to help you do it properly.
Choose The Right Stair Lights for Your Rooftop Garden
Buying step lights can become rather challenging because…

Robot Delicately Harvesting Tomatoes

Virgo 1, is an agricultural robot built by Root AI that was purposely made to aid farmers in resolving their workforce shortage. This robot is capable of plucking tomatoes without bruising them and can detect ripe tomatoes better than the farmers have.
This self-driving robot is equipped with multiple components such as lights, cameras, and sensors. Its lights allow it to navigate extensive greenhouses may it be day or night. Virgo 1’s software is run by a ‘system-on-module’.
Attached with a dexterous hand, its arm is capable of working with humans and does not need human assistance in picking tomatoes. Its …

Theater Converted Into An Art Installation Of Indoor Farming

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected non-essential business operations. Establishments, such as movie theaters, were forbidden to operate ever since lockdowns in different parts of the world started. With their buildings being deserted, some of the owners thought of using them for creative purposes.
Cinéma Moderne of Montreal came up with an idea of hosting an art installation of Jardin de Passage – Serie 2 by Nancy Guilmette. Described as a ‘greenhouse-gallery’, the installation used seeds of almost extinct plants. Viewers had seen the laboratory from the cinema’s windows that face the streets.