About Us

About Us

The company Toof Top Gardens is all about the promotion of ‘agritecture’, in which the principles of architecture are being integrated with agriculture in the urban areas. We specialize in providing gardening solutions and entrepreneurial approach based on data analysis and technology.

Comprising of highly skilled professionals from various interrelated disciplines, we can take on any challenge and achieve the objectives of our clients.


Our mission is to encourage organizations to make their feasible ideas and business plans into practical, effective, and sustainable outcomes.


We envision urban societies to approach agriculture through architectural methods to make an impact on environmental care and improve the food system and security while maximizing the existing lot area and dynamics of the location.


Here in Toof Top Gardens, we have experts in various fields that comprise our team. We have highly qualified architects, creative digital media personnel, reliable consultants in the ‘Green’ Sciences, and amazing directors that keep the projects on point and punctual.


Toof Top Gardens has a board of advisors that are fully capable of giving insights and guiding our ways to the right track. We each have an accomplished advisor from the industries of agriculture, food systems, and finance.