We, the Toof Top Gardens, offer different forms of consultation and operational services to various related clients. Here are the focus and expertise of our capabilities:

Services Overview

Farm Design

In designing farms suitable for an urban setting, functionality is prioritized over the form. We are keen on delivering the unique methodologies of our designs based on your existing environment. This includes farm layouts and 3D models.

Feasibility Study

To pursue the client’s objectives, feasibility studies are needed to be done. We are capable of ensuring that the planning and implementation are within the economic projections. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge of the needs of the market today.

Due Diligence

Investors can experience a sense of assurance with the display of our due diligence. The data we have gathered are diverse and sensible enough that all known factors are documented accordingly so that solutions can be proposed and the investments are secured.

Management and Support

To guide you in implementing the agritecture systems, we offer services that help you manage them. This includes guidance and troubleshooting. Aside from that, support packages are readily available anywhere.

Analysis and Research

We, of Toof Top Gardens, value highly the concrete scientific methods to create unique solutions to any problem. Some of these methods are Case Studies, Market Assessments, and Carbon Footprint Analysis.

Planning of Local Food System

Various projects within the same city can be used for interconnection to expand beyond the borders. Through the coordination of plans and consideration of local policies, the basic issues of food can be addressed properly. This enables the strengthening of the local food system by having some of the food sources readily available in the city.

Client Profiles

Our services can cater to a wide range of people and we are fortunate enough to be part of the modern development of urban areas. Here are some of the client groups that we are capable of dealing with directly to plan and implement the agritecture system designs:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Independent architects
  • Tech suppliers
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Real Estate developers
  • Economic developers
  • Various investors
  • City officials