Toof Top Gardens are capable not only in creating solutions but also in educating through the conduction of workshops. To promote and explore the concepts and purpose of agritecture, we can provide any entity with the necessary materials. We can plan, organize, and facilitate the entire workshop from beginning to end.

Our content caters to anybody, either a group of interested individuals or organizations from private or public sectors. It tackles several topics starting from urban agriculture’s introduction to farm optimization through the improvement of the business model. You can choose a pre-arrange type of workshop or we can customize it for your needs. Here are the types:

Workshops Available:

For Companies

This set of topics can benefit large-scale business companies, architecture firms, and industrial associations.

  • Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  • Commercial Class for Urban Farming
  • Case Studies from Urban Agriculture and their Industrial Applications
For Educators

This set of topics can help faculty members and school administrators from city colleges and universities in the urbanized areas.

  • Introduction to Urban Agriculture
  • Case Studies of Urban Agriculture and Education
  • Usage of Commercial Urban Farming
  • Curriculum Builder on Urban Agriculture
  • Teaching with Urban Agriculture
For Entrepreneurs

This set of topics can offer opportunities for food sustainability and business strategies to small-scale and mid-scale business operators and entrepreneurs.

  • Concept and Strategy Development
  • Introduction to Hydroponics
  • Management of Operations
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Food Safety Planning
  • Farm Optimization
For Developers and Policy-makers

This set of topics can enlighten government officials and real estate developers to encourage individuals from urban residences on the adoption of agritecture.

  • Future of Local Food Systems
  • Introduction of Local Agriculture
  • The methodology of Scenario Planning
  • Case Studies from Urban Agriculture and Smart Cities