The Ultimate Guide to Rooftop Garden Stair Lights

The Ultimate Guide to Rooftop Garden Stair Lights

It’s critical to keep your rooftop garden well-lit at night. Using step lights as a guide ensures that you and your guests don’t fall over the staircase.

Whether you want a bohemian atmosphere with plenty of lights or an ultra-modern lighting system with eco-friendly light bulbs, knowing how to select and install the correct solar step lights will benefit you in many ways.

Here’s a simple guide to help you do it properly.

Choose The Right Stair Lights for Your Rooftop Garden

Buying step lights can become rather challenging because there are many different types available. You also have to take into consideration a few factors before purchasing.

In this situation, safety must be at the pinnacle of your priority list.

If you want the safest and most energy-efficient lighting, choose LEDs. After all, about 5% of the average utility expenses come from lighting your home. LEDs let you light up your home without being too costly.

The next step is to choose between a built-in LED or a replaceable bulb. Using the ones with a built-in LED means you throw them into the bin once the light dies. This may be convenient, but it isn’t good for the environment.

So, if you want to be more eco-friendly, choose stair lights with replaceable bulbs. Besides, the long-term maintenance costs of these models are relatively lower.

Because the stair lights will be used outside, they must have a high IP rating. Stair lights with an IP44 rating or above are required to withstand rain and splashes.

You also need to consider the color of the stair lights. In most situations, you’ll want to match them around your staircase. Cool white stair lights are often recommended for security reasons since they provide clearer visibility to the stairs. They’re also easier on the eyes.

Place Step Lights Properly

You need to consider not only where you will place your lights. You should also know how far away they need to be from each other.

Each step light should have a minimum distance of 18 inches between them, according to experts. This guarantees that the beam is distributed evenly over each step. You need to aim for a 3 to 4 feet distance for optimal outcomes most of the time.

The number of stairs on which they are installed will dictate how far apart the stair lights should be. Even though there is no set guideline for installing step lights, stair lights are generally put every two or three staircases. The lights themselves are easy to install.

Carpeted stairs will also need to have more step light fixtures. The stair lights will need to be closer together because they will not cast as much light. The same thing applies to wooden stairs because they are non-reflective.


Incorporating stair lights into your rooftop garden may increase the value of your space. It can improve the features and functionality of your outdoor living area. So, whenever you wish to add step lights for your rooftop garden, you may use this guide as a helpful reference.

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