Theater Converted Into An Art Installation Of Indoor Farming

Theater Converted Into An Art Installation Of Indoor Farming

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected non-essential business operations. Establishments, such as movie theaters, were forbidden to operate ever since lockdowns in different parts of the world started. With their buildings being deserted, some of the owners thought of using them for creative purposes.

Cinéma Moderne of Montreal came up with an idea of hosting an art installation of Jardin de Passage – Serie 2 by Nancy Guilmette. Described as a ‘greenhouse-gallery’, the installation used seeds of almost extinct plants. Viewers had seen the laboratory from the cinema’s windows that face the streets.

The project ended on the 30th of May, and on that same day, the seedlings from the project were handed out. The equipment used in this exhibit were specialized, such as heated carpets, thermometers, lightings, and domes. The artist performed her duties on a regular and scheduled basis, and with proper equipment.

The lighting of the cinema provided a lively spirit for the vegetation. The cinema was lighted internally and laid out like an asleep projector woke up from a long sleep.

The movie theater was planning to host three exhibitions, and this project was the second of the three. According to the movie theater, the project was done to explore the intimate relations of design, art, and nature.

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