Author : Noah Bowman

On Agriculture Business: The Significance of Professional Logo Design

Professional logo design isn’t only limited to custom hoodies and the likes. It’s also quite effective for agricultural business—where marketing can be solely based on an effective means of building brands. In this field, the logo is not considered as just another aesthetic element that has little to no value when it comes to product offerings and the company’s business. Relatively, the presence of the company in the domain can be reflected effectively with the effective use of aesthetic designs. This mere fact is enough for agricultural businesses to consider using professional …

Lessons From Food Systems, Climate, And Covid-19

The following are lessons that we learned from the planetary crises of the year 2020.
Dysfunctional Food System Cause Diseases
Zoonotic diseases constitute 70% of the contagious diseases over the past 30 years. Radical altering of natural resources, such as deforestation, for agricultural requirements, creates an environment for zoonotic diseases.
Those who are severely marginalized feel the worst impact of these diseases, and ensuring that they can co-create the suitable solutions presented to them is necessary.
Absence Of Miraculous Solutions
Notable countries recently decided to lessen their duties…

Reasons Why Urban Gardening Is A Good Idea

Living in the city prevents you from creating a garden, but you can make one that requires less space. Below are the reasons why Urban Gardening is a must.
Unique Skill Acquisition
Urban Gardening is a unique skill to have nowadays. This knowledge is passable to children, along with the knowledge of viable foods and their benefits.
Limited Space Utilization
This allows you to utilize limited spaces. Its techniques are as follows:

Vertical Gardening;
Container Gardening;
Rooftop Gardening; and
Hydroponic Gardening.

Nutritious Foods Production

Urban Gardening Strategies

The following are strategies of urban gardening based on your environment:
Spatial Survey
These are the ways of examining your allotted space for gardening:
View your space at the perspective of a plant;
Assess the accessibility of light, and the direction it is coming from;
Note any structures or trees that may block sunlight all day;
Search for hotspots – these are areas that receive an unnatural amount of light; and
Observe the shifting of lights and shadows on your property to understand your landscape better.
For places located in the Northern Hemisphere, South-facing areas …

Robot Delicately Harvesting Tomatoes

Virgo 1, is an agricultural robot built by Root AI that was purposely made to aid farmers in resolving their workforce shortage. This robot is capable of plucking tomatoes without bruising them and can detect ripe tomatoes better than the farmers have.
This self-driving robot is equipped with multiple components such as lights, cameras, and sensors. Its lights allow it to navigate extensive greenhouses may it be day or night. Virgo 1’s software is run by a ‘system-on-module’.
Attached with a dexterous hand, its arm is capable of working with humans and does not need human assistance in picking tomatoes. Its …

Theater Converted Into An Art Installation Of Indoor Farming

The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected non-essential business operations. Establishments, such as movie theaters, were forbidden to operate ever since lockdowns in different parts of the world started. With their buildings being deserted, some of the owners thought of using them for creative purposes.
Cinéma Moderne of Montreal came up with an idea of hosting an art installation of Jardin de Passage – Serie 2 by Nancy Guilmette. Described as a ‘greenhouse-gallery’, the installation used seeds of almost extinct plants. Viewers had seen the laboratory from the cinema’s windows that face the streets.