10 Tips on How to Keep Kids Interested in Urban Gardening

10 Tips on How to Keep Kids Interested in Urban Gardening

Urban gardening is where people practice cultivation, mainly food, in and around urban areas. It is the traditional cultivation of crops but in urban centers. This can affect the psyche of younger gardeners. Sometimes the minor things can have a more significant impact on the experience. Gardening can offer children an opportunity to learn the life cycle process by which plants are grown, responsibility, caretaking, independence, and environmental awareness. It can be a great place to cultivate a meaningful and fun learning experience for children.

Gardening requires many essential things like using the best seeds, testing soil, plant with care, and mainly giving water to the plants. For this, make sure you have a safe plumbing system with a uniform plumbing code developed by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials to govern the installation and inspection of plumbing systems to provide public-safety water plays a crucial role in the plantation. Our favorite urban gardening tips are listed below to keep your kid engaged with this exciting and essential activity.

Here Are Our 10 Tips How to Keep Kids Interested in Urban Gardening

#1. Start with making the seeds pot

Seed is a great little sensory project for toddlers and school-age children. Teach them how to make small seed pots, Use peat pods or even recycle ice cube trays. Ask them to color the jars with watercolors. It will be more fun for them. Show them how to moisten the soil, then place 2-3 seeds per area. It may take 5-10 days for some sources to sprout, but waiting for this to happen and watching them grow is exciting for the little gardeners.

#2. Make them choose the plants

Feed the nursery together. Whether you are looking to grow a herb garden or beautifully arrange a container garden on the front porch, let your child pick and choose the plants he/she prefers. Take the time to show them the best that can thrive in your environment, and don’t be too surprised if all of their picks feature their favorite color blossom and don’t make interruption. Let your children take care of the young plants throughout the season. It will develop a sense of responsibility in them. By this, they will feel happy and excited.

#3. Add colors to the gardening tools

Using Gardening tools is the most exciting part for the kids. If you add some little splash of colors on these items, it will make the kid more excited to use their favorite color tool because colorful things attract the kids more than simple and dull ones. So, it would be a is a fun way to spruce up the scene and encourage younger children to pick them up and put them to good use. Also, allow them to paint these items in their favorite colors and patterns.

#4. Plant Different flowers to attract bees

You can plant different flowers that attract bees in your children’s garden. It will make their excitement in gardening more. Ask your local nursery about the best plants for your area, which may include lavender, common daisy, grevillea, sage, native rosemary, or bottlebrush. A lot of children find bees fascinating and frightening at the same time. The more you teach your child about these fantastic little creatures, the more interested they will be. Explain how bees live in a colony with worker bees, drones, and the queen bee, each with their particular job to do. These little things will make your child learn about nature effectively.

#5. Make a garden near the playing area

Kids, while playing, often forgot about the activity yesterday they were engaged in. Putting the plants at the place they play will remind them what their training was and how they should care about the plant. You can place a container garden near the kid’s play area or add a window box in their playhouse. Keeping the plants, they love nearby makes it easy for them to monitor their growth.

#6. Provide tiny tools

Tiny tools for tiny gardeners make small chores a little more exciting and personalized. You will be able to find the essential gadgets at your local garden center, and your kid will chomp at the bit for the opportunity to help you maintain the garden bed. So, make sure to provide them with the tools of their size to make them work in their garden efficiently.

#7. Grow a vegetable or fruit plant

Growing a food plant can be more interesting for the children as they will get excited seeing that the plant they grow has fruit with it. It would be like a pet plant for them. Seeing the fruit or vegetable growing will amaze them. They will start attracting to this activity.

#8. Teach them about Transplantation

The kids love doing unique activities and, playing with soil or sand is their favorite. Letting them get their hands dirty is a big part of the experience. Buying seedlings to transplant will allow kids to see how the Seed root system develops within the pot. Show them how to remove the plant from the container carefully it was purchased in, dig a hole in the garden, loosen the roots, and successfully transplant.

#9. Watering the plants

Teach them the importance of watering plants. Upcycle a plastic container milk jug, juice bottle, detergent container into a sprinkling can be by drilling holes into the lid. Your kid will love tending the garden with this DIY watering can.

#10. Make different shaped pots

Making different shaped and colored pots will attract your kid to planting. You can make shapes of their favorite cartoon character. It will be the best way to keep the kid engaged with the activity.

Wrapping Up

Children can learn new skills, have fun, play, and develop self-confidence by spending time in the garden, tending plants, and growing their food. Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things, and watching plants grow. For keeping your child engaged in this activity, we hope that those mentioned above ten interesting tips will be helpful for you to do urban gardening for your child fun and exciting.

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