What Plants Are Good for Hallways?

What Plants Are Good for Hallways?

Plants have a special way of breathing life into your home. Whether you have a ton of space to work with or not, your hallway is one of the first places your visitors will get to see. So your plant choices are going to matter very much. There is much to consider when choosing plants for a well-decorated hallway, such as light levels and the humidity in your home. If you are looking for plants to liven up your hallway, then you are in luck!


The Philodendron is a dark green plant with gorgeous shiny large leaves. The plant is remarkably easy to care for and would do great nearly anywhere, even with bright, indirect light and moisture. Bright indirect light can be easily engineered by placing the plant near a south or north-facing window. It is important to consider draughts when positioning a Philodendron. The plant does not do well with cold or hot air directly blown at it.


The Spathiphyllum is a beautiful average-sized peace lily with a lot of beautiful glossy, dark green leaves and white patches. They give an exquisite touch of elegance and serenity to the ambience of your home. The Spathiphyllum is easily cared for and thrives with moderate to bright indirect light with a lot of moisture. It is important to note that these lilies can be toxic if ingested by pets or little kids.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Being one of the trendiest houseplants in the plant parenting community, the Fiddle leaf fig tree has rightfully soaked up a lot of fame and appreciation. Thanks to those gorgeous and big full leaves, your hallway will soak up all that beauty and radiate right back! You can trust this plant to give your decor the extra oomph! that it needs.

However, this beautiful plant can be a bit of a diva. It requires bright, indirect light and only loves warm and humid environments to truly bloom. They can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth the wait to finally get it right!

Swiss Cheese

The Swiss Cheese plant, also known as the Monstera Deliciosa, has large glossy heart-shaped perforated leaves. Although the plant is typically a climber, it still needs its space and a lot of care. The Swiss Cheese prefers bright indirect light and moisture only when necessary. Your hallway is sure to breathe a breath of relief with this plant sitting pretty in it.

Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm is regarded as one of the best plants for hallways and entrances. Envied for its long slender, and lush appearance, the kentia palm is also one of the easiest palm trees to grow, especially for beginners. The indoor palm tree is an excellently behaved plant that does not do badly in the shade at all. The plant also thrives in cold weather and does not drastically suffer when you forget to water the plant sometimes. The kentia palm is also pet-friendly and brings air-purifying properties along with its mood-lifting tropical appearance.

Epipremnum Aureum

Also known as The devil’s ivy or the Rapunzel plant, the Epipremnum Aureum is a beautiful variegated and fast-growing plant. The devil’s ivy gives a sharp and attractive look to your hallway as its foliage gently and elegantly drapes out of its pot.

As it hails from warm and humid islands in French Polynesia, the plant enjoys moisture but does just fine where there isn’t an abundance of sunlight. These long, luscious, draping vibes are definitely a feature you want in your home!

ZZ Plant

ZZ plants are a homeowner’s favourite primarily because they require less attention and less water than many other plants. This plant also does excellently in bright, indirect light as expected, but it interestingly thrives almost as well in low light. If your hallway is bright, you will enjoy using the ZZ to create a lot of visual interest.

Ficus Belize – Rubber Plants

Colourful, tropical, and waxy, Rubber Plants are a much-appreciated addition to your home, especially in a place as central as your hallway. If you are looking to refresh your space, the vibrant colours of the Ficus Belize would be the perfect choice for you.


The Aglaonema, also known as the Chinese Evergreen, thrives excellently in low light level conditions and requires minimum and attention and water. This is a great option for a hallway that does not feature a window or any other sources of light.

These drought-tolerant plants are gorgeous and colourful, making them the perfect piece of decor to add to your home. The Chinese Evergreen could appear in a variety of colours ranging from silver to red and dark green.


The Dracaena plants are proven as one of the best air purifying plants best suitable for hallways. They are an incredibly diverse mix of upright, leafy, and variegated plants that come in several colours ranging from green to yellow and even white. These are all colours that are known for brightening up a space.

More commonly known as a dragon tree, the Dracaena plant can be seen growing slowly all year round. Despite being a very tall species, you can grow the plant as a potted houseplant while pruning to maintain the height.

The Dracaena is known to be very tolerant to a wide range of conditions, meaning it can thrive in a variety of light conditions and moderate water.

Last Words

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you and your family can be sure to have a great time with these plants mentioned above. They are stunning, refreshing, and of course, they have been proven to boost creativity, moods and reduce stress.

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